Francie and I got married 1984. In 1985 we took off on an extended honeymoon spending 6 months hitch hiking through Europe before flying to the States where we bought a 73 VW Beetle and traveled for another six months through 41 States covering 36000 miles. I carried 32 pounds of camera gear and took thousands of photos in both 35mm and 4×5 inch which I developed in converted bathrooms along the way. We returned to the family ranch where we bred Bonsmara cattle and expanded the family business. In 1999 our ranch was expropriated by the Government and we moved to the UK were we started a chain of fast food stores selling traditional savory pies. Since then we have traveled and photographed at every opportunity. We are now based in Gunnison Colorado where we have established a Campground and RV Resort, Photographic Gallery and a venue to conduct Photographic Workshops. We have  a busy workshop schedule throughout the year. All printing, matting and framing of prints purchased from The "Open Your Eyes Gallery" are carried out in house by Francie and I giving us complete control over the final photograph and ensuring that each photo is unique. Prints purchased from this site are printed by Bay Photo to the highest standards.

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